Trading 101
A Comprehensive Introduction to Financial Markets

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Learning Outcomes

Acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies for enhanced learning outcomes.

Master streamlined decision-making with efficient trading strategies.
Learn key techniques to effectively identify and minimize potential risks.
Attain proficiency in solving real-time trading challenges for market success.
Develop precise execution skills through hands-on trading experiences.

Instructor Overview

Jason Lau, AU Managing Director of KCM Trade

BA (Philosophy), University of Hong Kong
MBA (Finance), Tsinghua University & Chinese University of Hong Kong
LLM (Banking and Finance Law), University of Melbourne
Accumulating over 15 years of distinguished expertise in banking and wealth management, with proficiency in Compliance, Product Management, Relationship Management, and Senior Executive roles.
Commercial/Investment Banks
Societe Generate, Citibank, BOCI, NAB