KCM Smart Gold

Investors can engage in gold price dynamics with principal protection and gaining returns if gold surpasses or falls below a trigger level.
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Why Choose KCM Smart Gold?

This derivative product is only designed for Wholesales Clients, not for Retail Clients.

No Fees
Built-in costs transparently cover all expenses for full clarity.
Principal Protection
Secures initial investment when held until product maturity
Profit Potential in Market Trends
Capitalize on Gold outlook, choosing Bullish or Bearish strategies.
Variable Duration Options
Flexible durations cater to investors' market outlook and risk preferences
Diversify portfolios with Gold exposure for a unique risk-return profile.
Tailored Investment Range
Adaptable investment, ranging from $10,000 to $1,000,000, suits diverse investors.

KCM Smart Gold is Suitable for You if you are able to:

Do not anticipate needing immediate access to funds during the investment period.
Hold a specific bullish or bearish view on Gold within the chosen duration.
Seek potential returns based on Gold price movements and are comfortable accepting zero returns if the investment is held until maturity.

To be Qualified as a Wholesale Client, you are required to provide a Certificate* from a Qualified Accountant, verifying either:

Net assets totaling a minimum of A$2.5 million; or
Gross income of at least A$250,000 annually for the preceding two financial years.
*The certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue.

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