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KCM Trade’s Chief Market Analyst Appears on TRT World

December 14, 2023

Our team of in-house financial marketexperts have been in the news again, this time after KCM Trade’s Chief MarketAnalyst Tim Waterer was invited to appear on TRTWorld. Tim was invited on the program to discuss the latest news and events affectingfinancial markets happening around the globe.

After Chinese inflation data came in weakerthan expected over the weekend, the program’s host asked Tim for his thoughtson why consumer and producer prices have been weak in the world’s secondlargest economy. Tim informed the audience that a drop in energy prices lastmonth contributed to the fall in November PPI, and that declining consumerconfidence was creating weakness in sales and causing deflationary pressures.

The conversation then turned to the FOMC(Federal Open Markets Committee) meeting in the US this week. TRT World werekeen to hear Tim’s insights on what we could expect from the US central bank.In his response, Tim noted that the US jobs market remained tight as evidencedby the most recent nonfarm payroll figures, while upcoming CPI (Consumer PriceIndex) data could also influence the stance of the FOMC.

TRT World is a public broadcasterbased in Istanbul. The company broadcasts 24 hours per day via their newschannel. TRT World is a member of the Association for InternationalBroadcasting. In addition to their headquarters in Istanbul, TRT World also havestudios in Washington D.C. and in London.  

To catch the full interview featuring Tim, please click here.

And please stay tuned for more appearances by our analysts in theglobal financial media!

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