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KCM Trade is actively involved in social welfare, giving back to society and caring for disadvantaged groups, which is why we are pleased to partner with the Kids with Cancer Foundation in Australia.

July 12, 2023

Recently, KCM Trade once again embarked on a philanthropic mission and donated funds to the Kids with Cancer Foundation in Australia, organized by Feel my Heart for Charity and the Lions Club of Melbourne Next Gen, together with over 400 attendees to support the foundation in caring for children in need. We believe that every child should have a happy and healthy environment to grow up in, especially those children who are fighting cancer. Therefore, we chose the Kids with Cancer Foundation as our partner without hesitation, to jointly dedicate love and support to these little warriors.

The Kids with Cancer Foundation is a charity organization dedicated to providing funding and support to ensure that every affected family can receive the best medical care and support. These funds will be used to promote cancer research, improve treatment plans, and enhance the quality of life for children. They not only provide funding for medical care and treatment plan improvements but also strive to improve the quality of life for children. Every year, hundreds of lovely children are diagnosed with cancer and face difficult treatment processes. KCM Trade understands how difficult this process is for patients and their families, so we decided to lend a helping hand and work together with the Foundation to bring hope and change to these brave children.

It’s not the first time KCM Trade has worked with the Lions Club in Australia. We previously collaborated with contemporary art master Jiang Hongguang to hold a charity art exhibition and donated all the auction items to the Club.  Additionally, we sponsored a charity golf tournament hosted by the Club to contribute to projects such as community assistance and support programs.  

As a global financial services provider, KCM Trade not only has a high position in the financial industry but also considers philanthropy as its mission and strives to assist social development as much as possible. We believe that the success of a business is closely related to social responsibility, and therefore incorporate philanthropy into the corporate culture.

KCM Trade understands the importance of financial knowledge for personal wealth growth. Therefore, we focus on material aid in philanthropic activities and share knowledge with the community to help more people achieve financial freedom and guide them in understanding and using financial tools correctly.

In the future, KCM Trade will continue to leverage its strengths and work closely with charity organizations to jointly carry out more meaningful philanthropic projects.

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