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KCM Trade Gets Ready to Race with HKGSA Racing

June 14, 2023

KCM Trade, in collaboration with the HKGSA Racing drift team, is hosting the most powerful cross-border event ever, showcasing speed and excitement and reaching new heights for the brand. The cross-industry collaboration between KCM Trade and the HKGSA Racing drift team embodies the spirit of striving, progressing, and excelling, further expanding their reach in various circles and introducing more investors to the high-speed, high-standard, and high-quality brand characteristics of KCM Trade.

KCM Trade is venturing into the world of drifting with this collaboration. Drifting is a visually captivating driving style, with the thrilling spectacle of fast cornering and controlled skids. At first glance, finance, which emphasizes stability, order, and coordinated development, may seem incompatible with drifting. However, it is the spirit of competition that truly matters. The focal point of this cross-border collision is the first Hong Kong driver, Ken Yeung, representing his country and striving for glory.

Ken Yeung has achieved a series of remarkable results in past competitions. In 2008, he won the Yau Fat Cup Group A championship, showcasing his outstanding drifting skills. In 2020, Ken achieved impressive results, including second place in the Three Big Handicap Races, third place in the MINI Challenge, DRIFT Rd.1 Group B, and GYMKHANA Rd.3, as well as first place in the LIMITLESS 121 Barrel Racing. Recently, he secured third place in the 2023 MSC HONG KONG Challenger, once again proving his strength on the racetrack.

Drifting is a competition that combines technique, endurance, and skill. The pursuit of technique, strength, endurance, and perseverance embodies the charm of sports competition. It aligns with the spirit of innovation and proactive advancement that KCM Trade has upheld since its establishment.

As the representative of the HKGSA Racing team, Ken Yeung is not only the chief coach of the team but also an experienced Hong Kong drifting driver. He has obtained the MSC Japan-recognized S-class driver and professional coaching qualifications, making Hong Kong proud and well known on the international racing stage.

Ken Yeung will engage in a series of intense competitions with other teams. The first challenge will be taking place on June 17th and 18th at the Ebisu Circuit West Course in Fukushima Prefecture. This will be a crucial test for Ken Yeung in the current season as he competes with other top drivers for the glory of becoming a champion. The upcoming schedule includes the following:

This series of competitions will provide fans with a visual extravaganza and an exhilarating racing experience. Ken Yeung will showcase his excellent driving skills and unwavering spirit to strive for more honors for the HKGSA Racing team and elevate Hong Kong racing to a higher stage. Let us eagerly await and witness this historically thrilling cross-border collision!

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