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KCM Trade Conducts a Series of Seminars Across Thailand This September

September 21, 2023

As a leading global financial services provider, KCM Trade is committed to delivering industry-leading education and insights. And recently, our Thailand team have been conducting a series of seminars throughout the country on a range of topical relevant subjects within the current financial industry.

First up, our Thailand team hosted an event on the 9th of September in the capital of Bangkok. Held at The Bazaar Hotel, the seminar covered ‘Trading Techniques by River System’, and the many guests who attended this day gained some invaluable insights on this method of trading.

On the same day, we also hosted another seminar at The Pride Hotel in Phitsanulok, Thailand. This event centred around the topic of ‘How to Choose Trading Tools to Win in the Market’, with the attendees gaining some valuable knowledge about which trading tools to employ to get the best results.

Also, on the 9th of September, some members of the KCM Trade Thailand team headed up to Nakhon Ratchasima where the seminar took place regarding the topic of ‘AI Bot Trades, All in One’. AI and Bot trading has been a hot topic in the industry lately, so therefore it was no surprise to see so many people wanting to learn more about this area of trading.

And then to cap things off on what was an action-packed weekend of seminars across Thailand, KCM Trade hosted an event in Buriram where the attendees learned about how to use ‘short’ trades to generate a profit.  

The feedback we have received from these seminar events all over Thailand has been wonderful, to say the least, and we would like to thank everyone for attending. The KCM Trade staff thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet the many attendees across all four seminar events, and we were delighted to speak with everyone about the many benefits of joining with KCM Trade. Please keep an eye out for future events, and we cannot wait to see you next time!  

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