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KCM Trade – Global Events Recap for March

April 4, 2024

KCM Trade exclusively sponsors HKGSA racing team in Japan's Drift Championship (FDJ2)

KCM Trade has officially announced their exclusive sponsorship of the HKGSA racing team in Japan's Drift Championship (FDJ2) during a signing ceremony held on March 20th, 2024. This partnership highlights KCM Trade's commitment to high-speed, high-standards, and brand excellence, merging finance with the adrenaline of racing. The alliance involves KCM Trade logos showcased on customized race cars, to be driven by renowned racer Ken Yang in the FDJ2 circuit, promising an exhilarating experience for all. By partnering with HKGSA's expertise in drift racing, KCM Trade aims to showcase their corporate prowess and strengthen their international influence. This strategic move emphasizes the parallels between racing and finance, highlighting precision, professionalism, and risk management. With the first round of the competition scheduled for April 27-28 at the Suzuka Twin Circuit, KCM Trade's sponsorship signifies a bold step towards enhancing the brand image and consolidating their position as a global leader in the financial sector.

KCM Trade's Seminar Series Empowers Traders in Thailand

KCM Trade hosted three exclusive seminars in Thailand, aimed at providing attendees with invaluable insights to elevate their trading skills. The events covered a range of topics, including leveraging artificial intelligence in trading strategies, mastering Forex trading techniques, and unraveling the secrets of trading gold. Led by industry experts, participants gained practical knowledge and tools to enhance profitability and navigate the market with confidence. These seminars exemplify KCM Trade's commitment to empowering traders and investors to achieve their financial goals. Stay tuned for more empowering events from KCM Trade in the future.

KCM Trade Jason's Exclusive Interview on Australian SBS Radio

Jason Lau, the Managing Director of KCM Trade AU, recently shared his valuable insights on global financial trends on SBS Cantonese radio's "Global Finance" program. During the interview, he discussed various topics such as the Japanese stock market and the dynamics of the Japanese Yen, providing astute commentary on economic strategies such as Abenomics and their implications. Through his forward-thinking perspectives, Jason empowered listeners to navigate evolving economic landscapes and make informed investment decisions. This interview highlights KCM Trade's commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and guidance to clients and the wider community.

Walking for Change: KCM Trade's Support for Oxfam Trailwalker

KCM Trade recently supported the Oxfam Trailwalker event in Melbourne by sponsoring the "Powerpuff Girls + Guys" team, who were participating for the first time. This contribution is in line with KCM Trade's commitment to social responsibility, which includes addressing inequality, empowering communities, and combating climate change. By supporting initiatives like the Oxfam Trailwalker, KCM Trade emphasizes the importance of collective action for transformative change. The company embraces corporate citizenship and fosters a culture of giving back. As KCM Trade moves forward, it remains dedicated to making a lasting impact and inspiring others to contribute to a more equitable and sustainable future.

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