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Fearless and Unstoppable! Ken Yeung (HKGSA Racing) and KCM Trade Create a New Era of Drifting in Japan

June 23, 2023

June 17, 2023. Japan - With a remarkable sponsorship announcement, KCM Trade declares supporting Ken Yeung, the Chief Coach of HKGSA Racing, to participate in the Formula Drift Japan 2023 (FDJ2). The qualifying race took place on June 17 at the Ebisu Circuit West Course in Fukushima, Japan, with 47 participants.

The Formula Drift Japan 2023 (FDJ2) at the Ebisu Circuit West Course in Fukushima brings together a formidable array of competitors. These drifters are skilled enthusiasts who have honed their abilities through intense practice and competition. The event attracted diverse participants, each bringing their unique style and approach to drifting. From seasoned professionals to upcoming talents, the competition is fierce and showcases a mix of different techniques and strategies. The competitors face the challenging Ebisu Circuit West Course, where they must navigate its twists, turns, and challenging sections while demonstrating precision, control, and style. It is a thrilling event that pushes the limits of the drivers and provides an exciting spectacle for the audience.

Ebisu Circuit West Course in Fukushima, a popular drifting destination, the challenging layout tests the abilities of drifters to the limit. The track includes corners, straights, and elevation changes. Drifters must strategize their approach, anticipate challenges, and identify ideal drifting lines. The Ebisu Circuit West Course presents difficulties, including tight hairpin turns, blind crests, and narrow sections, demanding exceptional car control and precise throttle modulation from drivers.

Despite the difficulties and challenges, Ken persevered in participating in the race, embodying the spirit of never surrendering, which perfectly aligns with the philosophy of KCM Trade. Drifting is a motorsport that requires a unique set of skills. Ken combined precise car control and the ability to maintain control while executing high-speed slides. Drifting involves intentionally oversteering and possessing a controlled slide through corners, showcasing Ken's skill and car control.

Ken Yeung is a seasoned drift driver and a representative figure of the HKGSA Racing team. His exceptional driving skills and wealth of experience have garnered glory on the international racing stage. He has been recognized as an MSC Japan-certified S-class driver and professional coach.

Ken Yeung's next competition will occur on July 21 and 22 at the Sportsland SUGO circuit in Miyagi, Japan. This renowned motorsport venue sets the stage for an intense battle between talented drifters. The track at Sportsland SUGO is known for its mix of high-speed sections, technical corners, and challenging elevation changes, demanding skillful car control and precise timing. Spectators can expect a display of adrenaline-fueled drifts as the drivers push their vehicles to the limit, initiating controlled slides and executing daring maneuvers. The event promises thrilling battles, where the competitors showcase their prowess and battle for top honors.

The sponsorship collaboration between Ken Yeung and KCM Trade embodies the spirit of striving, advancing, and reaching new heights in sports. His exceptional driving skills and unwavering attitude have earned him a reputation on the international racing stage. KCM Trade's sponsorship showcases the brand's speed and passion and conveys its characteristics of high speed, high standards, and high quality to investors. This collaboration will deliver history's most powerful cross-domain performance, propelling KCM Trade to new heights and generating more investor interest.

With its exceptional event sponsorship, KCM Trade provides strong support and a platform for the drifting sport. Sportsmanship emphasizes competition, striving, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence, aligning with KCM Trade's values as a sponsor. Through collaboration with the drifting sport, KCM Trade promotes the importance of sportsmanship, encouraging more people to actively participate and pursue their dreams, further driving the development of sporting events.

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