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KCM Trade: Sponsor of Japan's Drift Racing Formula Participants, Continuing the Speed and Passion

July 20, 2023

On July 21st, KCM Trade will continue to showcase its growth and influence in the global financial industry by sponsoring teams and drivers in the third race of the season. Drift Racing is a popular extreme sport that attracts countless drivers and spectators. In recent years, KCM Trade has been renowned providing high-quality trading services as well as actively sponsoring sporting events.

As a leading financial services provider, KCM Trade's partnership with FDJ’s participants promotes the internationalization and brand value of the sport. Miyagi Prefecture in Japan is one of the birthplaces of drift racing, with a rich racing culture and history. At the same time, Miyagi Prefecture is also one of the Japan‘s financial centers, with a thriving financial market and numerous financial institutions. KCM Trade hopes to connect finance with racing culture via our association with the sponsorship

FDJ is an international event hosted by the Japan Motorsports Association (JMSA) in Japan. The competition began in 2003, modeled after the Formula Drift series in the United States. This international event provides drivers with a platform to hone their skills and compete at a professional level. FDJ places more emphasis on the spectacle of the event, pursuing thrilling high-speed drifting, making it a challenging and entertaining competition that tests drivers' drifting skills and driving abilities as they strive for the highest level of technical proficiency and performance. KCM Trade believes that this international platform will bring more business opportunities and partnerships to the brand, strengthening its leadership position in the global financial industry.

In this FDJ drift race, HKGSA Racing, sponsored by KCM Trade, has the first driver from Hong Kong, Yang Jianwen, competing. This is the first time a Chinese driver has participated in the Japanese FDJ drift race, and he has demonstrated his great driving skills and technique.

Drifting is a highly difficult racing technique that demands a lot from drivers. Just like KCM Trade's high standards and quality requirements for customer service. Drift drivers need precise operation and high concentration to control the car and maintain stability during high-speed drifting. This corresponds to the accuracy and fluidity of KCM Trade's trades, ensuring that order execution is immediate and accurate. Drivers win awards repeatedly because of their outstanding performance and unparalleled skills on the track. Similarly, KCM Trade has won numerous prestigious awards globally, recognized and respected by customers for its excellent  product offering, and service. However, drifting also involves certain risks, requiring drivers to have outstanding control and reaction speed, similar to the risks present in investing. It is these challenges and risks that make drifting and investing full of excitement and opportunities.

This partnership is not only a support for the Drift Racing Formula event but also a continuation of the emotions and spirit represented by the movie Initial D and Fast and Furious series, which have attracted countless viewers worldwide in the automotive film and animation industry. These works push street racing culture to its climax through exciting racing scenes, thrilling plotlines, and unique drift culture. This partnership is not only a support for the Drift Racing Formula event but also a continuation of the emotions and spirit represented by these classic works.

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