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Empowers Next Generation of Investors with Trading 101 Session at Monash University

May 17, 2023

May 9, 2023. Victoria, Melbourne - KCM Trade, a leading investment firm, sponsored an educational event at Monash University Clayton Campus in Victoria, Australia. The event was aimed at providing students with a comprehensive introduction to the world of trading and investment. The session, titled "Investment Fundamental Knowledge - Trading 101," was led by KCM Trade Australia's Managing Director, Jason Lau, a seasoned investment professional with years of experience in the industry.

Jason provided valuable insights and advice, drawing from his extensive experience in the field. The session covered a range of topics, including the basic principles of trading, the different types of investments available, the importance of research and analysis, and the potential risks and rewards associated with trading. Throughout the session, Jason emphasised the importance of having a disciplined approach to investing, continuous learning, and improvement. He encouraged students to take a long-term view of their investments and always have a well-defined investment strategy in place.

The Trading 101 session was highly interactive, with students encouraged to ask questions and share their own experiences and insights. KCM Trade's sponsorship added a touch of intimacy to the evening, with the firm providing a pizza dinner for the attendees which brought the generational gap closer and gave Jason ample time to bond with the students.

The event was attended by highly motivated students who were eager to learn more about the investment world. The session provided a great opportunity for the students to learn from an experienced industry professional and to gain a better understanding of the investment landscape. It also allowed them to network with like-minded individuals, making it a valuable experience.

"We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to sponsor this event at Monash University Clayton Campus," said Jason Lau, Managing Director of KCM Trade Australia. "Investment knowledge is crucial in today's rapidly changing world, and we are committed to sharing our expertise with the next generation of investors. We hope that this event has inspired the students to pursue their investment goals and to seek out new opportunities." The event was a huge success, and KCM Trade was proud to have contributed to the students' educational experience.

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